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The search facility is very versatile.

You can enter words and names (e.g. Waterloo, Stanier, Black 5), numbers (e.g. 70000), codes (e.g. S15, 60xx, 4MT), years (e.g. 1966), decades (e.g. 1960s but NOT 1960's), actual date in ddmmyyyy format (e.g. 09071967) and you can enter the search terms singly or in combination.


'Boolean operators' will help you to refine your search. For instance:

  • Steam 1960s  - these search terms  will  return all images that have both the search terms in their data.


  • Steam OR 1960s will return all images that have either the "Steam" term or the "1960s" term in their metadata.     (Note that the OR operator must be in capital letters) 


  • "arrives at" will return images that match the exact phrase "arrives at"as that is between the inverted commas


TRY THIS!  (0-4-4T  "Nine Elms" 1940s)  and compare with the results from (0-4-4T OR "Nine Elms" OR 1940s)

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